Our TV Brochures come in a variety of screen sizes: 2.4", 2.8", 4.3", 5" , 7" & 10" (standard screen) and 5" , 7" and 10" (touchscreen)

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    Pfizer used a TV in a Card 16 page brochure to show a conference to the people who could not be there.

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    Bentley chose our cards as part of the launch of the powerful new GT Continental, the world’s fastest four-seater convertible, with a top speed of 202 miles per hour. The TV in a Card will form part of the press launch packs.

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    To celebrate the launch of the new Flickr application for iPhone, the company teamed up with the world renowned iPhoneographer Richard Gray and designed a beautifully crafted brochure with a 4.3 inch screen to inspire people to use Flickr to share the world around them.

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    Kia Quoris

    You know a car manufacturer has raised the bar when is produces a vehicle that makes you want to jostle for the keys so you can be the first to drive it! Kia chose to use TV in a Card for the launch of the brand new Quoris in Doha. The cards included separate videos […]

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    Reactive Lenses

    Our clients wanted to promote their reactive lenses throughout Europe and decided that TV in a Card’s 4.3″ screens in hard cover A4 size cards were the way to do this. The cards were sent to the UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Russia and Turkey and have proved to be a gret success.

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    Accenture had such a great year with EMC that they wanted to show their appreciation in a dynamic and noticeable way. TV in a Card created a seven inch screen in a landscape card which allowed Accenture to present EMC with a Christmas message – a beautifully crafted video that highlighted the key accomplishments of […]

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    Intercontinental Hotels

    InterContinental Hotels Group has more than 4,500 hotels in 100 countries across the globe, from luxury to family-friendly to extended stay and more. The hotel group uses TV in a Card to add some pizzazz to board rooms with notebooks which advertise the hotel’s other available products and services.

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    Xerox has used our cards for product launches, invitations, partner and reseller collateral and event giveaways. The marketing team in Dubai sent us this message; “We have used the video cards for a number of high profile events here. They create a great impact among our guests and are an ideal way for us to […]

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    Selfridges Staff Awards

    Selfridges used our seven inch hard back TV in a Cards to launch their Christmas Television commercial to the press – and they were so pleased with it that they then had a second batch of cards for their staff awards with a personalised video on each card for all the award winners.

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    Selfridges Christmas TV Commercial

    Selfridges used our seven inch hard back TV in a Card to launch their Christmas Television commercial to the press – and they were so pleased with it that they then had a second batch of cards for their staff awards with a personalized video on each card for all the award winners.

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    Clear Channel

    Clear Channel wanted a novel way to deliver the company’s design concepts for Chicago Airports in a striking, but elegant, integrated, comprehensive, interactive, informative and entertaining manner. By using our new seven inch screens with their stunning video the company proved its visionary approach to the project and ability to deliver on that vision.

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    Carillion delivers iconic landmarks and prestigious buildings which the company also maintains and services. Carillion used TV in a Card to stand out in a new tender process. The cards provided an ideal example of the construction company’s innovative approach to business and future thinking philosophy.