iBrochure technology

Introducing iBrochure™ Technology

Extend the reach and life of your TV Brochure

  • Adds analytics, social media, and mobility to TV Brochures
  • Custom QR code-launched, sharable mobile web app
  • TV Brochure’s videos become viewable on mobile and desktop
  • Interactive “virtual” TV Brochure viewable / shared online
  • TV Brochure recipients can share, learn more, and interact

Starting at $1,495 plus $1 per brochure; includes one year of video and virtual TV Brochure hosting.

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With iBrochure technology, 100 TV Brochures can reach 1,000’s… or more!

Since 2009, enterprises large and small, throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and beyond, have embraced and deployed TV In A Card’s Targeted Video Brochures.  However, the experience of receiving and viewing the content within a TV Brochure has usually been limited to the person or entity receiving the brochure.  Simply put:  People don’t want to give up their cherished TV Brochures!

Now, they don’t have to.  Introducing iBrochure technology, developed by TV In A Card, LLC, and available as an optional (some even say “vital”) enhancement to every TV Brochure order.

TV Brochures enhanced by our proprietary iBrochure technology are able to reach an audience many times larger than those fortunate enough to have received a beautiful Tv Brochure.  A QR code customized for each TV Brochure informs the recipient that by scanning the QR code (or entering the simple URL within their mobile phone or PC browser), a interactive mobile web application will be launched on their device.

This Sharable Web App (called a “SWApp” by its creators) launches powerful engagement experiences and tools, including:

  1. View and/or share (via email or SMS text) the TV Brochure’s targeted videos, within the mobile device / tablet / PC
  2. View and share a link to a desktop-optimized, virtual and fully interactive version of the TV Brochure, with friends, associates, and social media
  3. Contact the Sponsor featured on the TV Brochure, via email, SMS, telephone, or mail
  4. Visit the Sponsor’s web site or social media channels

Not only can the contents of the TV Brochure be shared with many, but the entire SWApp can be shared as well – from any mobile device, to any other mobile device, on all major mobile platforms.

Of course, since iBrochure is mobile and online, a wide variety of analytics are collected and shared with our clients.  And, since iBrochures can be shared vie email, SMS, and social media, new leads can be generated, extending the potential reach (and effect) of each TV brochure enabled by iBrochure.

TV Brochures powered by iBrochure move clients from “Reaction” to “Interaction” to “Transaction.”

When it’s a transaction you’re after, it’s important to recognize that the process starts with getting a reaction from your target client.  There is no better form factor for getting a positive reaction than a TV Brochure from TV In A Card.

With the addition of iBrochure technology, that positive reaction can launch interaction between you and your prospect or client. The ultimate transaction can be closed more easily, as the iBrochure’s mobile SWApp and virtual online TV Brochure moves the experience onto the web, where interaction is better enabled.

A final option enabled by iBrochure is to build a survey or patented “reactive” game into the mobile or desktop experience.  By embedding a proprietary video player within the SWApp and/or virtual TV Brochure, recipients of the TV Brochure are invited to pay heightened attention to the TV Brochure’s print and targeted video, after which they are enabled to enter into a reactive quiz / survey that verifies attention to the TV Brochure.  A challenging and entertaining series of queries are presented, with full scoring capabilities, and upon completion, the user is asked to provide contact information.  An optional prize (or discount / rebate) can be awarded for achieving a high score, correctly answering questions, etc.  TV In A Card even offers full validation and prize / follow-up and fulfillment services for those who wish to utilize this powerful enhancement.

When placing your order, be sure to add the power of sharing and social media, via iBrochure.

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