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Experience: For nearly a decade, TV in a Card has led a paradigm shift in direct marketing by blending the attention-grabbing power of printed direct mail with the audiovisual impact of high definition video. That’s why our ROI is one of the highest in the industry. That’s also why 90% of our global clients become loyal and frequent customers.

Expertise: With TV in a Card’s targeted video brochures, those important messages are delivered to customers and prospects in a tangible and engaging format to stimulate the decision-making process immediately. Our team of experts help a business look its very best – to make that first impression last. This is why our client list already includes many of the leading international brands representing the most successful companies in the world.

Quality: Whether it’s in the form of video brochures, video business cards, video books, video portfolios or video point of sale displays, the quality and reliability of TV in a Card is evident. We use only new, grade A screens, electronics and materials; our printing is top notch offset; and our products are hand assembled and inspected two separate times – at our factory and at our local offices – for quality assurance.

Service: We firmly believe you won’t find a better-quality product or better customer service at a comparable price anywhere.  From conception to completion, we work together with you to guarantee your satisfaction with your made-to-order TV in a Card targeted video product.

TV In A Card | Video Brochures

Why We Are The World’s No.1

    • TV in a Card are the inventors of video in direct mail products.
    • A third of all U.K. FTSE 100 Companies are our clients.
    • Cards are available with High Definition screens and Full Viewing Angle technology.
    • Components and materials are new, grade A and are ethically sourced and assembled.
    • 2-step Quality Assurance Process to guarantee reliability.
    • Products comply with CE regulations and RoHS standards.
    • All components are reusable and can be recycled.
    • Our Customer Service is second to none.
Video Brochures | Video Business Cards

TV in a Card Innovations

  • Inventors of the world’s first direct mail video brochure
  • Inventors of world’s first portable video point of sale
  • Inventors of world’s first video business cards
  • Produced world’s first double screen card
  • Produced world’s first super thin 3mm video card
  • Produced world’s first video portfolio folder
  • Inventors of patented do-it-yourself video brochures
  • First to offer High Definition screens
  • First with unique Full Viewing Angle screen technology
Video Brochures | TV In A Card

TV in a Card Express

For customers who would like certain areas of their brochures to be standardized and pre-printed, but with other areas capable of modification, we now produce custom orders that accept die-cut decals, which can be printed on-premises by our Clients, AFTER they are delivered. They’re called “Express TV Brochures” and are perfect for organizations with multiple offices, or who wish to customize one or more sections with products or services that change over time.
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