How we started?

Founded as ResponDynamics, LLC in 2008, our company’s primary focus has been, since its inception, to develop new ways of interacting with targeted video advertising. We have always recognized that, with the exception of direct personal interaction, targeted video – especially when paid attention to – provides the most impactful way to deliver a message. Human beings have an instinctive attraction to watching moving objects, and when combined with audio (and a well crafted message), there simply is no better means of getting a message across.

Of course, targeted video can stimulate interest, but how can you be SURE to have your video watched? And, when viewed, how can an advertiser get analytics, when the viewing takes place in an environment where reacting to a call to action is distracting, or simply not enabled? Those are the challenges we sought to address, then and now.

Enter TV in a Card, Ltd.

Over the years, we’ve developed lots of interesting solutions to make traditional targeted video work better. But we’ve never seen a form factor innovate the delivery of targeted video better than the way our partners at TV in a Card, Ltd. mastered the merger of traditional print and targeted video. We were also astounded that we had never SEEN anything like a “video brochure” here in the U.S.

We shared our first samples with business associates and ad agency executives, and the response was unanimous – it’s just that cool! We quickly decided that we would focus 100% of our energies on this one form factor – and changed our company’s name in 2013 to TV in a Card, LLC, to reflect our long-term commitment to this technology (and its nearly infinite potential).

The “TV” Stands for “Targeted Video!”

Our objective is to bring this new technology and form factor to the America’s, and thanks (once again) to our brothers in Great Britain, we here in the US have inherited a great idea… and the chance to make it even better. Our first challenge: What do we call them? The marketing world had a confused understanding of the phrase, “video brochure.” Some websites posit that video brochures are merely web pages that feature a video within them, often in a virtual brochure layout. Others define “video brochures” as printed brochures that trigger a video within a mobile phone, when you scan a QR code embedded on the brochure. And then, some see video brochures as being the type of product developed by TV in a Card, Ltd. – namely, a printed brochure that holds a screen and speaker, a power source, and the ability to store and play targeted video.

In naming his company, Russell Lawley-Gibbs (founder of TV in a Card, Ltd., the first to combine a video screen and printed brochure) had seized on an a powerful word when he used the initials “TV” in his company’s name. No matter our age, Russell recognized that the ubiquity of television, since our youth, leads us to see the elements of a “TV” in every screen, regardless of its size. And despite some of the negative connotations of modern TV programming, we still can’t get enough of it!

So, when we secured the product for exclusive distribution in the “New World,” the first thing we decided to do is to give the product a new name… but we wanted to keep the “TV” tag if at all possible. That’s when it hit us – the “TV” stands for “Targeted Video!” From that momentous day in the waning hours of 2012 forward, the name “TV Brochures” has become the phrase we use – and promote – when discussing printed brochures powered by targeted video.

The Future of TV Brochures

We see a very bright future for TV Brochures, and we’re extremely excited about working with the best marketing minds in the America’s, as TV Brochures and iBrochure technology changes the print and targeted video delivery industries. We’re certain that as the pace of change in technology gets even more frenetic, you’ll see TV Brochures evolve even more. Affordable, wireless TV Brochures are but a year or two away – and we here TV in a Card, LLC, along with our growing family of global associates, will be there to deliver your targeted message into the hands – and minds – of your best prospects, leads, and clients.

As our tagline emphasizes – We Make Your First Impressions… Last. See for yourself.

We look forward to working with you.

Environment and Quality Assurance

Our TV brochure components are sourced internationally and assembled in China, where the finished product is printed and then put though a rigorous Quality Assurance process, which takes place in China, and then again in our local offices. Then the finished product is delivered to you. All of our components are recyclable and can be delivered back to our US, Canadian, Mexican, or Latin American offices for recycling.

TV in a Card, LLC conforms and complies with CE regulations and RoHS standards.