Richard Branson buys TV in a Card

When I invented the TV in a Card I knew I had found something that would change direct marketing communications forever. Ever since the first silent movies, which transported stories to the screen, we’ve been a society fascinated with video stories. Television and the internet exploded this fascination and now, if it is not on…

3D In Print - TV In A Card

October Blog

It’s been about a month since our last update, and what a month! You might have seen our press coverage about our launch of the world’s first B2B 3D Virtual Reality product designed for businesses to incorporate into their regular b2b marketing campaigns. If you haven’t, you can see more here: As you can…

TV In A Card

August Blog

Every month seems to create new innovative challenges and marketing projects here at TV in a Card HQ. We have created some great new video in print brochures for clients including Accenture, Givenchy, Tarmac and Vetstream to name but a few. We keep our twitter feed regularly updated. See here for more examples of our…