Express TV Brochures

All of the variety and choices of our Custom TV Brochures, including cover materials, layouts (in landscape, portrait, or customized), screen sizes, memory, and more. Plus, avail yourself to:

  • 4 color printing with 1 – 3 zones for future decals
  • Choose from existing or new, die-cut decal templates
  • Removable or permanent decals, in 500 unit boxes
  • Use our video upload services, or delivered blank
  • Extend the useful life of your TV Brochures
  • Perfect for dynamic sales teams, evolutionary products

Personalize Your Custom TV Brochures

An unavoidable benefit of presenting TV Brochures to industries of all kinds, is the ability to get feedback about improving our products. Improvements aren’t always about adding whistles and bells, either – sometimes it’s about expanding the ways your product can be used, by stripping things away.

We began hearing, particularly from real estate agents, and entrepreneurs that needed smaller quantities of TV brochures, about the need to make minor changes to their TV brochures. Consistently, the need to be nimble, to be able to use their TV brochures in unique, personalized ways, kept coming to the surface.

And, everybody wanted to avoid waiting weeks for their orders – especially if they planned on re-ordering.

That’s when the “a-ha” moment happened – we asked ourselves, “Why not create areas of the product where attractive, die-cut decals could be applied with new, updated graphics, information, and more?” And, if the need arose to change out the videos over time, why not have a generic “video chapter” description instead of a specific description that would lock one into having only one video tied to the button?

The result is what we call “Express TV Brochures.” For customers who would like certain areas of their brochures to be standardized and pre-printed, but with other areas capable of modification, we now produce custom orders that accept die-cut decals, which can be printed on-premises by our Clients, AFTER they are delivered. And, by creating “generic” play button decals on an Express TV Brochure, new videos can be uploaded over time, allowing our Clients to create truly unique, one-of-a-kind TV Brochures, immediately, from an inventory of 50+ TV Brochures that they will have ordered in advance.

To see a completely “customizable” Express Video Brochure for yourself, you’ll want to go online and visit our US Distributors at You’ll be able to order 1 – 50 and have them delivered to you within 3 business days. These “Express Video Brochures” leave virtually all surfaces other than the screen pages up for complete customization. Or, if you would like to order at least 50 TV Brochures, and can wait the 3-4 weeks it will take for us to create a truly custom Express TV Brochure, we will create the brochures “from scratch,” and then supply you with pre-designed or custom die-cut decals in myriad of materials, to allow YOU to “Express and Impress” whenever the need strikes, and in whatever portion of the brochure you wish to have changed over time.