Battery-powered Video Screens

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Imagine a video point of sale unit that is low-cost, uniquely portable and interactive – one that will play without wires or a mains connection?

TV in a Card’s video point of sale units have been specifically designed to enhance customers’ in-store experience and get your brand noticed. Using the clever technology developed by our friends at CLX-Europe, and powered by TV in a Card, we bring you the i-Screen – a range of smart video point of sale units that can be bought off the shelf or customised to suit your requirements.

We can provide your Made-To-Order product to suit all your needs, whether you are a retailer seeking a permanent display unit to attract and covert more in-store shoppers, or you want your brand wanting to make a noise.

We provide Made-To-Order video in print point of sale solutions. With motion sensor, button controls, stand alone or networked.

Our screens can be used in a wide variety of POS units and can be triggered by motion sensors. They can be powered by long-life internal batteries, making them uniquely portable with no external wires required.

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