CNN - TV In A Card

By now, most of you will have heard about TV in a Card and the wow your customer gets when they open the hard-cover brochure and a high definition video screen starts playing a video (and audio) back to them. It has been used by almost every industry and the world’s leading brands including Bentley, Sky, Virgin Galactic, American Express, Givenchy. I could go on.

Did you know we can also build high definition screens into other printed materials? One of the fastest growing products is our video presentation boxes. Whether it be for FMCG, Retail, Manufacturing, Prototyping or packaging for consumer electronics, more and more clients are looking to create greater impact at the point of unboxing.

Sending your new product to the media/ bloggers for review? Launching a new product line and want to attract buyers in retail? Promoting your products to wholesalers or resellers? Or do you just want to create maximum impact for the consumer at the point of unboxing, TV in a Card presentation boxes are a great and unique option.

Some of our recent examples include:

A presentation case for a new men’s razor. When the lid of the presentation box is opened, it reveals a video screen which plays back the launch advert for the razor.

A presentation case for a new beauty product. When the box lid is lifted, a screen is revealed and a video auto launches playing back an interview with beauty experts explaining how best to use the product for maximum benefit.

Not only do you benefit from presenting your product in a high quality presentation box, but the HD screen with built in audio allows you to convey your clear message about the product to the person  opening the box. They don’t need to read the brochure. You are communicating with them directly and at the exact moment your product is revealed to them. That’s a rare opportunity.

Samsung - TV In A Card
Coce - TV In A Card