Tencue - TV In A Card

A55 Landscape Cardstock with 4” Screen | A45 Landscape Cardstock with 7” Screen

Tencue Productions, Inc. is a full service experiential marketing and consulting company focused on live interactions between individuals and groups whose clients include Cicso, Facebook, Apple, Ebay, Google, LinkedIn, Salesforce.com, Yahoo!, Best Buy, BMW and more.

Every year, they use our video brochure for the Cisco Global Sales Experience (GSX) annual meeting to announce the Chairman’s Club Winners.  What an amazing surprise to get in your limo or to your hotel and have one of these waiting for you to open and get a surprise message from the CEO.

TV in a Card is the leading supplier of video brochures worldwide. With offices in seven countries, we are prepared to handle your organization’s needs regardless of your location.

We pride ourselves on being the highest quality and most reliable solution out there. Our Targeted Video Brochures use all new, Grade A screens and electronics, and our printing is top notch offset.  We have the most expertise and experience with this product, because we are the pioneers of the video brochure and clients like Adidas, Bentley, Boar’s Head, Christies International, Comcast, Cushman & Wakefield, JP Morgan, Microsoft, Turner Broadcasting and Ultimate Software use us and trust us.

We have a 2-step Quality Assurance process in which every brochure is inspected at the factory and then again at one of our local offices before you receive them. This assures your order will be 100% correct 100% of the time. We also offer technologies to extend the impact of your TV Brochure beyond the physical piece that no one else has. Lastly, we never add any hidden charges, such as setup fees,  after providing our final quote for your project!

We firmly believe you won’t find a better product or better customer service at a comparable price anywhere.

For more information or to receive a quote for your project, please contact us here.