TV Brochures

Put TV (Target Video) in YOUR Brochure

  • 5 Standard sizes; fully customizable
  • Hard or soft cover, bi-fold or tri-fold
  • Landscape or Portrait aspect for most sizes
  • 4 color printing + free video uploading
  • Near HD-quality LCD screens from 2.8″ – 7″
  • 15 min. – 2 hrs. of video; 1 – 4 hr. battery life (rechargeable)
  • All New, Grade A electronics and materials used
  • Exclusive functionality that provides unparalleled flexibility
  • Industry leading quality assurance and warranty

Welcome to the newest innovation in converged print and targeted video: TV Brochures.

For decades, marketing professionals have imagined a future that allowed them to physically deliver targeted video into the hands of targeted clients, prospects, and acquaintances. With the advent of sub-$500 tablets, some have even begun customizing hardware to make that vital first impression unforgettable.

As high speed Internet access becomes ubiquitous the potential to deliver targeted video has exploded – BUT, there are still no assurances that the hyperlinks we use via email, or the banners that launch video, will ever be watched, let alone effective. What’s needed is a delivery mechanism that has the physical presence of print, but the multi-media impact of targeted video.

in 2009, the founder of TV In A Card, Ltd. had the brilliant idea of placing powered LCD screens into brochures. Four years later, the TV In A Card brand of “Targeted Video brochures” has found its way into the hands of the “Who’s Who” of industry leading companies… and their prospects and clients.

The beauty of TV Brochures by TV In A Card is that not only are they masterful at ensuring your message is clearly (and impressively) presented, but that they are surprisingly AFFORDABLE. Depending on your order size (we service orders as low as 50 units), video screen choice, and selection of brochure and exterior cover, your company can get the benefit of TV Brochures from the low $20’s, to the $70’s, on a per unit basis.

TV Brochures are perfect for any industry, where making a lasting first impression or delivering a complete multimedia presentation matters most. Recipients of TV Brochures are “wowed” by the physical brochure, mesmerized by the targeted video, fully immerse themselves in your message, and, thanks to our proprietary iBrochure technology, are now even empowered to share the experience with others, via mobile, email or social media.

Visit our Resources tab to learn about the various options available to you. Contact us immediately – your ability to make YOUR first impression last, is as little as 3 weeks away.